Planned Power Outages

A planned outage occurs when your electricity supply is temporarily interrupted to allow EEC personnel to carry out essential maintenance/repairs on the network safely. This also allows us to make some improvements and reduce the chances of accidental power cuts. An outage of this nature is normally scheduled and announced well in advance. EEC has a responsibility to make the affected customers aware of the outage details via the mainstream media, social media or through leaflets delivered to premises. Warnings about planned power cuts are published almost every week (Fridays and weekends) in the Times of Swaziland and Swazi Observer.

Every effort is made to undertake planned outages during times when there will be least inconvenience to the customers such as weekends or when most consumers are presumably at work. Please note that in some instances, this is not always possible.  In the case of large customers, wherever possible, planned interruptions will be negotiated.