Generation of Electricity

Eswatini Electricity Company’s internal generation is a mix of both hydro and solar PV.

a) Hydro Power Station

The company holds four major hydro power station

  • Edwaleni Power Station --------------------- 15 MW
  • Maguga hydropower Station ---------------- 20MW
  • Ezulwini hydropower Station --------------- 20MW
  • Maguduza hydro power Station ------------- 5.6MW

b) Solar PV Plants

The company currently has one solar plant, Lavumisa 10MW Solar PV Plant. This is the first solar plant to be owned and operated by EEC. The power plant, which tracks the sun from morning to sunset, generates a capacity of 13.75MW and contributes a guaranteed capacity of 10MW to EEC’s power grid. The plant has an expected annual yield of around 22GWh. EEC’s internal generation capacity has improved from 60.4MW to 70.435MW due to an addition of the solar plant since its completion in 2021. The plant is constructed at Qomintaba area.