System Losses

Administration fee

  • Varies, from year to year as company tariffs increase
  • Administration fee is currently at E3144.00

Reward to informant

  • Definition of an informant – a person who provides privileged information about a person or an entity to the EEC.
  • Informants/whistleblowers are rewarded with E1500.00 only after an extensive investigation and allegations are proven true. Information provided to the EEC is considered highly confidential. Informants/whistleblowers are highly protected by the EEC.
  • Informants are rewarded for reporting to the EEC a bypassed meter and freely supplied electricity due to a malfunctioning of a meter.
  • Definition of a bypass: Meter tampering means doing any act, which may cause the meter not to record at all or to record part of the electricity consumed. This is considered as an act of theft by the EEC. Perpetrators of this illegal act are reported to the law enforcement agency.
  • Meter tampering is very dangerous can result in electrocution and increase electricity rates for other honest consumers.
  • Definition of Free supply: An abnormal condition for a meter where the meter fails to cut or disconnect power supply even when the units reach 0.00kwh

Mode of communication for reporting illegal connections

Illegal Connection

  • Definition – It is an unlawful and unapproved means of connecting to a lawfully supplied house/source without the knowledge and endorsement of the EEC (any unsafe wiring)
  • There are actions taken once an illegal connection has been detected.
  • When an illegal connection has a potential of resulting in an electrocution or any kind of a danger, the house/point supplying illegally is instantly disconnected and the customer/owner of the house is charged with administration fee. That is if the warning has been issued more than once.
  • When illegal connection is likely to cause a minor impact, the customer is issued with a warning which the customer must sign as acknowledgement of receipt and is further granted 7 days to rectify the illegal connection to a safe and acceptable status. If after 7 days, the illegal connection has not been corrected the customer will be immediately disconnected and charged with an administration fee and will be reconnected upon the payment of the administration fee.


  • Reconnection only happens once calculations and payments for debt has been made.
  • Negotiations are allowed for customers who cannot settle debt in full