Transmission Network Expansion Projects

The company’s Research and Development Division continues to improve the reliability of the power transmission infrastructure to serve the customer needs and narrow down the influence of the transmission infrastructure to the distribution network.

Southeast Grid Reinforcement Project

This project was initiated solely to increase the load capacity of the grid from 23,757MW - 43,928MW by 2035. The main beneficiaries of the project are sugar cane farmers from LUSIP II Extension project and the Mkhondvo – Ngwavuma Water Augmentation Scheme, surrounding communities, small to medium commercial customers, etc.

The project comprises of the construction of a switchyard at Sinceni, 40km 132kV and 12km 66kV overhead transmission lines, expansion of Ncandvweni substation from 3MVA to 40MVA 132/66/11kV and 10MV substation at Ndzevane.

The project was successfully completed and commissioned in March 2021 for a total cost of E200.2 million where E52.1 million is capital contribution of ESWADE for the LUSIP II Extension Project.

Edwaleni – Stonehenge 132kV Transmission Project

This project aims to address the inherent risk of failure of the existing 40km 132kV single circuit line by constructing a second single circuit 52km 132kV line to avoid power blackout to 60MW of critical Mbabane city load, surrounding areas and strengthening the northern grid of the country.  The project cost is E116 Million and completion is envisaged towards the end of 2022.

Other Transmission Expansion Projects

The EEC continues to improve the reliability of the transmission infrastructure required to enhance service delivery. Such projects include the upgrading of Malkerns, Siphocosini and Pigg’s Peak substations. The combined project cost for these upgrades is E103 million. These projects are expected to be completed and commissioned before the end of 2021 barring strict COVID-19 pandemic Regulations.

There is also an on-going feasibility study and engineering design for a new 50km 132kV overhead transmission line to reinforce the load capacity of the North-Eastern Grid comprising mainly of the sugar cane growing customers and their communities from Simunye to Balegane. The study shall also include conducting the ESIA, ESMP and resettlement action plan (RAP).