How to Apply For Electricity Supply — Commercial/Business

You may now apply for supply of electricity from EEC online. In order to succesfully complete your application, please ensure that you have copies of the following:

  • Copy of ID or Passport of the Company Representative
  • Foreign national valid residential permit with Identity Document/Driver’s license
  • Copy of Trading License, Company ID or Certificate of Incorporation
  • Copy or Title Deed or Property Ownership/Landlord Form or Lease Agreement
  • Yellow Form/Electrician Form, Certified copy of ID for the Designated Electrician

We are committed to provide supply within the following timeframes:

Nature of Service
Where existing infrastructure can be used 26 working days
Where network extension (infrastructure) is required LV Network – 45 working days
HV network – 60 working days
Where new network or schemes have to be installed and HV extensions are required or if supply is required for industrial and commercial customers, the period will be negotiated with customers.

What are LV, MV, and HV?

  • LV = Low Voltage = Less than 1 000 Volts (1kV)
  • MV = Medium Voltage = Between 1 kV and less than 36 kV
  • HV = High Voltage = 36 kV and above