CSI Application Process

  • All sectors of the broader community (non-EEC organisations or agencies may apply for assistance and support with full motivations)
  • Submission of proposals should be;
    Addressed to
    Corporate Communications Manager
    P.O. Box 258
    or Hand-delivered to
    Eluvatsini Building,
    Mhlambanyatsi Road,
  • All requests for funding from external organisations or agencies will be assessed quarterly (June, September, December and March of every year) by the CSI Committee subject to the EEC Limits of Authority Framework as will be approved by the Board of Directors from time to time.
  • Organisations will be encouraged to submit requests for funding with clear motivations in line with the defined EEC priority fields.
  • All requests must contain clear evaluation mechanisms.
  • EEC employees will, to a large extent, be welcome to give recommendations on proposals, for approval by the CSI Committee through the Corporate Communications Manager.
  • Upon approval, the information will be communicated to potential beneficiaries.

Project Selection Criteria

Selection of projects is based on the following:

  • Need: The expressed need must be considered sufficiently important and able to be met through the processes proposed in the project.
  • Scope: The project should benefit as many people in the community as possible.
  • Sustainability: The project should have the potential for being successful once EEC's support ends.
  • Community Support and Participation: There should be sufficient ownership, knowledge and support of the project by beneficiary communities.
  • Stakeholder Support: There should be sufficient ownership, knowledge and support of the project by other key role players.
  • Capacity to Administer and Manage Project: There should be demonstrable capacity to administer and manage the proposed project to completion.