Electricity Distribution Projects

In order to improve the quality of service delivered to customers the EEC has rolled out E109.8 million project to increase the number of houses for operational staff and the construction of a new depot offices at Mankayane town. The new staff houses are for Siteki, Sithobela, Hluthi, Mankayane and Mhlume depots and completion is planned for December 2021.

Mankayane Depot & Staff houses

Eswatini Electricity Company Mankayane Depot & Staff houses

Due to the need for services for customers around Mankayane and increasing customer database, it became necessary to construct a fully-fledged depot (with all the services offered)

Madlangemphisi Staff Houses

Eswatini Electricity Company Madlangemphisi Staff houses

Due to the shortage of housing for operational staff, the distribution department engaged in a project to construct staff house for four depots, Madlangemphisi being one of them