Network Reinforcement & Access Report – Project ID no: P166170

This is a World Bank loan funded project that is divided into four components.

  • Component 1: To construct an 87km 132kV overhead transmission line from Nhlangano to Lavumisa together with three substations at Hluthi, Matsanjeni and Lavumisa.
  • Component 2: To increase access to electricity in the Shiselweni Region as part of the Eswatini government’s initiative to attain universal access to electricity through the Rural Electrification Programme. The beneficiaries in Component 2 will be about 8 000 homesteads that will be connected to grid electricity by the end of the implementation of this project.
  • Component 3: To provide government with the technical support required to implement various programmes to improve the conditions for the electricity industry in Eswatini.
  • Component 4: Is a special dispensation designed to serve as access to Emergency Funds for qualifying emergency conditions.

Completion of the project is planned for December 2023.

Project Documents