Generation Expansion Projects

The company continues to strive for ways to increase generation capacity for the Eswatini Electricity Supply Industry. To this end, EEC has devised a generation expansion strategy that seeks to diversify the electricity generation technologies. Currently, the dominant generation technology is hydro-power generation followed by solar photovoltaic technology. Both technologies are limited by availability of resources which are driven by their seasonality.

Lavumisa 10MW Solar PV Plant

This project is part of the 2018/2021 Corporate Strategy to increase internal generation of the country and to reduce reliance on imported electricity. The development of this plant also contributes to the government’s Energy Policy target of reaching 50% of electricity supply from renewable energy technologies by 2030.

The total project cost is E 220 951 661.72 excluding VAT and other development costs. The project was successfully commissioned in December 2020.

Lubhuku Thermal Power Plant

The project has completed a feasibility study which has determined that a total of 300MW plant shall be constructed comprising of  3x100MW. Phase 1 of the project entails the construction of 2x100MW which is expected to commence in 2022. The project’s total investment cost is estimated to be US$684.32 and the EEC is expected to contribute 10% equity to the project funding.

Sigcineni Off-Grid Solution Project

The Project is a stand-alone mini-grid which consists of a centralised 35kW solar PV generation plant complete with 200kWh battery storages system and an AC LV reticulation network designed to service about 26 rural homesteads through an advanced smart metering system for billing.

The project was successfully completed and commissioned in August 2020 costing a total of E3.5 million.