Corporate Social Investment is an investment in individuals and the communities in which they live in and SEC recognises CSI as a business imperative that must be carried out to achieve sustainable positive outcomes. SEC is therefore committed to creating value for all related stakeholders, where possible, by delivering programmes in the following:

  1. Education
  2. Health;
  3. Environment; and
  4. Social & economic development:

SEC CSI 2010-2013
Published: 23rd October, 2013

Policy Statement

CSI shall become an integral part of SEC's businesses as outlined in the company's core values and consistent with the Electricity Act. As encouraged by corporate governance and the triple bottom line guiding principles, SEC underwrites the policy in terms of its desire to embrace the broader community as key stakeholders in the business of SEC and the further realisation that the business of the company can only be sustainable in the long term, if the company remains relevant to the needs and aspirations of the community from which it derives its business.

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