Load Shedding

Load Shedding Schedule — April 2024

Load Shedding Schedule — March 2024

Load Shedding Schedule — February 2024

What is loadshedding?

This is a deliberate and temporal interruption of electricity supply to avoid a countrywide blackout due to high demand. It is normally implemented in all parts of the country, at different times, as a control option and to avoid unplanned power cuts.

Loadshedding schedule

EEC prepares a monthly schedule that serves as a guide to managing load reduction. While the schedule shows daily load reduction plans for the morning, afternoon and evening hours, electricity usage usually peaks in the evening and early morning hours. It rarely happens in the afternoon and on weekends. The schedule is then a tentative plan of how the load will be reduced should the need arise at any time of the day. In rare cases where the targeted areas are not adequate to relieve the system, more are added, and these are also part of the schedule.

It is important for customers to have a copy of the schedule and to report outages in areas not listed. Power cuts that are not a result of loadshedding can be reported on our 24-hour Call Centre.  

EEC has managed to use its internal generation to mitigate the effects of load shedding that would have affected the country. However, in the event the situation demands further load reduction, EEC will implement its loadshedding plan.

In the meantime, customers are encouraged to use electricity efficiently so that EEC does not get to manage the local electricity grid through load-shedding. This has been doable over the past months but may need customers to put more energy saving efforts during the winter season.