Load Shedding

Load Shedding Schedule — February 2023

Load Shedding Schedule — March 2023

EEC has been implementing load-shedding throughout Swaziland since September 2015. Load-shedding is a deliberate and temporal interruption of electricity supply to avoid a countrywide blackout due to high demand. It normally implemented in all parts of the country, even though at different times, as a control option and to avoid unplanned power cuts. While we generally use the word blackout loosely to mean ‘no lights’ in our local area, a country-wide blackout has much more serious consequences, which can occur when there is too much demand and too little supply. It causes imbalance in the electricity system thus tripping it in its entirety. EEC began implementing load reduction when internal its electricity generation capabilities were reduced and eventually halted due to the prevailing drought conditions.