Swaziland Electricity Company realises that environmental issues are a global concern and are startlingly real. Thus, the Company has adopted sustainable business practices. Businesses worldwide are moving towards a sustainable model. SEC is also taking steps in this direction. The company is implementing an environmental policy that keeps up with its commitment to sustainability.

The company has an Environmental Department whose functions are to handle environmental and socio-economic issues pertaining to the operations of SEC. This ensures that SEC operates within the provisions of the Swaziland's environmental regulations and the company´s environmental policy. Other functions of this valuable department include developing environmental guidelines and environmental operational plans for SEC regarding various aspects. These include advising other divisions within the company about environmental and social issues; representing SEC on environmental and social issues within the national and international fora; liaising with government ministries and other institutions responsible for the management of the environment, conducting environmental impact assessments for SEC projects, recommending mitigation measures and monitoring implementation of recommended mitigation measures. The department is also responsible for supervising consultants hired to do environmental work for SEC projects pertaining to power generation, transmission and distribution.

SEC always listens to concerns raised by customers and the Swazi public at large on environmental issues. Customer concerns are investigated and addressed whenever the need arises.

SEC has in the recent past presented itself as an environmental steward. The company is implementing a demand-side management programme and this is extended to our customers. As part of this programme, on March 26 2011, the company was involved in the Earth Hour 2011 initiative, where the demand for electricity decreased by 10% from normal consumption.

Public sensitisation to energy efficiency was made by utilising the various forms of media; newspapers, television, radio and in schools. Various stakeholders dealing with energy efficiency issues were involved. The Company is informing the public on environmental initiatives and promoting mutual understanding with its customers. Part of SEC's campaign to encourage the public to save electricity included tips for the public to implement:

Energy Saving Tips:

  • Switch lights off when they are not in use.
  • Use internal lights when necessary.
  • Use natural light as much as possible.
  • Switch off your printer, laptops and all other hardware if not in use.
  • Switch off all electrical appliances when not in use.
  • Use energy saving light bulbs.

SEC will continue with its commitment to sustainable development and expects inevitable new challenges. Currently there is an issue surrounding the phasing out of PCBs. The Company conducted an inventory on substations transformers and it was discovered that none of the transformers contained PCBs more than the maximum concentration allowed in oil. The Company went to the extent of constructing a shed where used transformers could be stored. This meets the UNEP standards. The company will therefore be sensitive to societal changes, and make environmental considerations a permanent part of its activities. Therefore, the quality of life for our customers shall be improved while we also make positive contributions to our environment and, most importantly, to our precious planet.

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