S10 - Life Line Tariff.

This tariff is SEC’s tariff for poverty alleviation. The supply will be by way of a pre-payment meter and the supply capacity will be limited to 20 Amps.

S1 (GS1 for Government installations) – Domestic Tariff

For the supply of electricity to premises used solely for residential purposes.

S2 - General Purpose Tariff

For the supply of electricity to premises which in the opinion of SEC no other tariff is appropriate. Examples are supplies to occasionally used meeting halls and floodlights for sporting facilities not exceeding 20kVA (3x60 Amps).

S3 (GS3 for Government installations) – Small Commercial Tariff

For the supply of electricity to premises other than residential premises including commercial administrative and public facilities, farms, hotels, industrial installations etc. and electric motors provided the maximum demand does not exceed 20kVA (3 x 60 Amps) at any time of the year.

K4 - Small Holder Irrigation

For the supply of electricity to small holder irrigation consumers having maximum demand less than 100 kVA, on the following conditions:
  1. Customers are required to declare their initial load requirements.
  2. Customers exceeding 100kVA will be charged at the K6 tariff rate in the month where they exceed 100kVA and in the following month.
  3. If a customer exceeds 100kVA for 3 successive months, the customer shall be converted (automatically by the billing system) to the K6 tariff for the balance of the year.

K5 - Large Commercial and Industrial Tariff

For the supply of electricity to consumers having maximum demand of 20kVA or over at any time of the year. The maximum demand is for each kVA recorded per month, and energy charge is for each kWh used.

K6 - Large Irrigation

This tariff is the same as K5 but is only for large irrigation and farming applications.

Time of Use (TOU) Tariffs

These tariffs are the most cost effective and the energy charges are differentiated by the time of day when electricity is consumed. These times are different depending on the particular weekday or weekend day and the specific time of the day.

These tariffs are also differentiated based on the supply voltage and the system voltage at which the customer is supplied from.

These tariffs offer significant opportunities for customers to save on their electricity bills by moving load from expensive times to cheaper times of the day or week.

Until a customer’s meter is programmed to TOU, the applicable tariff will be K4, K5 or K6.

  • T1- For any large customer supplied at Medium Voltage (MV) but directly from a High Voltage (HV) substations.
  • T2 – For any large customer supplied at Medium Voltage (MV).
  • T3 – For any large customer supplied at Low Voltage (LV).
  • T4 – For small holder irrigation up to 100Kva


A means of providing an alternative and illegal path to a circuit in order to circumvent the consumption of electricity to either reduce do not meter the consumed amount, hence reducing the billed amount.

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