Meter Reading

  1. 1. The meter reading cycles are planned to span uniform periods as much as possible, with the average being 30 days in between readings. Naturally rainy days, weekends and public holidays do affect the cycles, resulting in ranges between 25 and 35 days for certain months.
  2. In cases where meter readers fail to gain access to premises for one reason or the other, estimates are done and bills based on the same. The electricity bylaws do not however, allow more than two consecutive estimates of the electricity bill for any premises.
  3. With the introduction of the SEC prepayment system the plan is to phase off meter reading over time


  1. For customers on conventional metering, electricity bills are processed monthly, using the meter readings as captured above.
  2. The following information is given on the consumer's bill.
    1. Customer's name, installation number, addresses and account number.
    2. Statement date and tariff category.
    3. Date of meter reading
    4. Date up to which credits are included
    5. Previous balance, any adjustments effected, as well as payments.
    6. Meter number
    7. Current meter reading as well as the previous reading.
    8. KWh consumed and charges payable.
    9. Amount due, and date due.
  3. Customers are requested to note that any bills outstanding after due date may lead to the disconnection of the supply to the concerned premises without any further warning. May also incur interest charges.
  4. To get reconnected when disconnected for none payment you will be reconnected upon full payment of disconnected amount and reconnection fee of E180.00.
  5. You have a right to query your bill via the SEC Toll Free 800 9000 or with your nearest SEC office and you can follow up your case telephonically with the Regional accountants in Manzini Regional offices, Siteki Regional Offices and Mbabane Regional Offices at the SEC Head Office.
  6. Electricity bills are due and payable within fifteen days from the date of the bill.

Billing Enquiries

Billing enquiries should, in the first instance be raised with your nearest SEC revenue office. Cases may be followed up with the Departmental revenue accountants based in Mbabane, Manzini and Siteki.

Meter Checking

If you have any reason to believe that your meter is not registering correctly you may give SEC a written notice and request the meter to be checked. After SEC has checked the meter and found that the registering is correct and you do not get any joy and you still strongly believe that the registering of the meter is incorrect

The requirements are as follows;

  • If a customer or owner has reason to believe that his meter is not registering correctly he may give written notice to the Company and request for a check meter.
  • The Company requires the customer to pay E150.00 for the check meter. SEC Technicians will install another meter which will run together simultaneously with the old meter at the consumer's premises for three weeks. SEC Technicians will take meter readings on both meters during the three weeks period.
  • This fee will be refunded to the customer if the test proves the meter to be registering incorrectly.
  • The meter is deemed to be correct if the test proves the meter to be registering within the statutory limits of 2.5% fast and 3.5% slow.
  • If after checking the meter, the Company is satisfied that the meter is not registering correctly, a new meter will be installed and meter readings from the new meter will be utilized as this will be your actual correct consumption. The consumption will be then used to charge you in the old meter. The units will be used as a corrective major.

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