SEC Toll Free And Call Centre

SEC operates a 24-hour Call Centre, which can be accessed by calling our Toll Free Line 800 9000 or 2508 3333 (Standard Cellular rates apply).

SEC operates a Toll Free Line 800 9000 and a Call Centre.

Faults Reporting Procedure

For your convenience all electricity faults should be reported to our Call Centre at 800 9000 or 2508 3333 (Standard cellular rates apply). SEC has a SCADA system which enables SEC to remotely monitor SEC's distribution and transmission network infrastructure. However, the SCADA network does not pickup individual faults. SEC relies on you to advice, should supply be interrupted for any reason. Our Depots are not equipped to respond to customer calls, save for our Call Centre.

Actions To Be Taken

  1. When power goes off, make sure that appliances which had been switched ON for use are switched OFF.
  2. Check the Main switch or Circuit Breaker in your Distribution Board and make sure it is ON. Confirm with neighbours whether they are also affected or not.
  3. If only part of your installation, say some lights or socket outlets are not working, check in your distribution board.
  4. Switches supplying the circuits may have tripped out. Should that be the case, ensure that all the appliances connected to that circuit are switched off.
  5. Attempt to reset the switch. If it stays on, switch on the appliances in use one at a time, observing the effect on the supply.
  6. A faulty appliance will result in the supply tripping again. Unplug the appliance and have it checked by a competent person. If the circuit trips out with all appliances switched off, call a competent person to attend the fault.
  7. SEC does not rectify faults within the consumer's installation, i.e. after the meter. Advice may however be given during the process of fault-finding.

If there is still no power then;

  • Do not wait for your neighbour to contact SEC; they may also be waiting for you to do so.
  • Call the SEC Toll Free number 800 9000 at anytime. When you call, please have your meter number ready. You will also be expected to give a brief description of the fault and indicate if it is affecting other consumers as well
  • The Call Centre should give you a reference number once you have logged a call
  • SEC undertakes to restore electricity supplies within 6o minutes for low voltage faults and 2 ½ hours for high voltage faults within 50kms of radial distance
  • SEC also undertakes to restore electricity supplies within 48 hours of logging the fault if there has been a storm
  • Should you not be satisfied then you can request to speak to the Distribution Manager, and thereafter the Marketing Manager, and thereafter the GM Customer Services all whom can be accessed from 2409 4000
  • It is requested that you follow this protocol and exercise patience

Complaints Handling Procedure

SEC entertains complaints when you are not happy with the way your query is being addressed then you can escalate your complaint. You have every right to take your query further if you are not satisfied. You have every right to be treated with dignity, respect and receive speedy service.

Format Of Complaints

  • Telephonic
  • Handwritten
  • Type written
  • Faxed
  • Emailed to

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