Steps For Getting Electricity Into Your Installation (Domestic, Schemes, Business)

Below are the steps that you must follow to get electricity into your home or business if it is entirely new and does not have an existing account with SEC or an SEC meter.
  • Apply for a quotation
  • Apply for Connection once you have received your quotation
  • Testing will be done once your application for connection is received. If your house fails the test then you will be charged E170 for each subsequent retest
  • Connection will be done if your house or facility passes the test.

However, you can also apply for a reconnection whereby you simply fill in the application for reconnection form.

Where You Can Apply For Quotations, Connection Or Reconnection

You can apply by filling a form with the assistance of an SEC Consultant at your nearest SEC revenue office and these are Manzini Regional Offices, Matsapha Revenue Office, Malkerns, Piggs Peak Revenue Office, Hluti Depot, Nhlangano Regional Offices, Mbabane Revenue (Plaza and Eluvatsini SEC Head Office), Siteki Regional Offices, Mhlume Depot, Big Bend Depot.

When You Can Apply For Electricity Quotation Or Connection

This is entirely up to the customer. If it is an entirely new account you can apply for a quotation when your house is still in the foundation. When it is an existing structure you can apply when you decide to do the wiring of your house. You can only apply for connection if there is a quotation that has been fully paid for. Alternatively if there is an existing meter you can apply for a reconnection if you have all the requirements for reconnection. Wiring of your structure is your responsibility and you must ensure you have used a qualified electrician. SEC recommends that you use a well qualified electrician who has been grade-tested in Swaziland.

New Installation

  1. Complete an application form obtainable from any SEC office nearest to you or SEC website http:/ Completed forms with a sketch plan showing the location of the premises to be electrified must be submitted to any SEC office, regardless of the location of the premises where power is required. Submit form with E20.
  2. If a tenant requires power, the landlord should be the one completing the application form.
  3. After project estimation, you will within 21 days, be sent a quotation/ Proforma invoice which details the fees to be paid via your post.
  4. The quotation remains valid for 90 days from the date of issue.
  5. On receipt of payment, SEC undertakes to provide supply, within 14 days for a direct service connection and 30 days where an element of capital work is involved.
  6. Wiring of the customer's installations is the customer's responsibility: however, a qualified electrician should be engaged during the installation wiring process. Compliance with approved legal wiring standards must be strictly adhered to.
  7. For Customers using conventional meters provision should be made for an approved lockable meter box. A roof entry box and a shackle are needed for overhead service drop and not for underground supply.
  8. When SEC has installed the service and the customer is ready to take supply. An appointment must be made with the SEC inspection department for testing of the installation. Such appointments should be made at least 2 (two) working days before the required test date. The first test will be carried out free and subsequent tests resulting from a faulty installation require a fee of E150.00 per installation.

Requirements Of Quotation Application For Domestic Customers

  • E20 application fee for quotation
  • Fill in application form and drop it at the SEC Revenue office or Customer Service Centre Requirements Of Quotation For Schemes
  • E20 application fee per head if you have less than 5 members. If scheme has more than five members then you pay E110 for all. However, if scheme has service proposals individual member pays E20 per head
  • Fill in application form and submit it at your nearest SEC Revenue office
  • Your quotation will be done within 21 days
  • Your quotation is normally sent via post but you can also collect it. Please indicate how you want to receive your quotation in your application form
  • A quotation is only valid for only 90 days (3 months)

Requirements For Applying For Irrigation Schemes Or Business Quotation

  • E20 application fee for quotation (1 receipt) and state your anticipated monthly electricity consumption
  • Fill in the application form
  • Quotation within 6 weeks
  • Implementation for connection will be within 6 weeks provided full payment has been made on quotations

How To Track Your Application For Quotation

  • Use the series number which is in red located in the top right hand corner
  • Use your quotation reference number for tracking quotation (after 21 days)

Application For Connection

To have supply switched on:
  1. Submit form C (yellow form) to your local branch.
  2. Domestic customers have to complete a supply agreement form at your nearest SEC revenue office and attach copies of the following documents;
    1. Fill in blue form (copy of ID, passport sized photo, yellow form (Form C) with electrician's certified copy of ID and qualification (grade test), 3 traceable references
    2. Proof of full payment of quotation (receipts)
    3. Pay admin fees (E110)
    4. Property owner form if you are tenant including lease agreement (teacher, nurse, firemen) If you are a customer with a conventional metre then you must ensure that you and your electrician have made provision for an approved meter box. Connection should be done within 30 days if it is a connection needing capital work. However, for a direct service connection it should be done within 14 days.
  3. Companies will require;
    1. Proof of full payment of quotation e.g. receipts
    2. Pay a security deposit fee (currently E1120)
    3. Fill in yellow connection forms
    4. Provide certified copies of directors' IDs, passport sized photos of directors
    5. Bring completed yellow form (Form C) with electrician's certified copy of ID and qualification (grade test)
    6. Provide 3 traceable references of directors
    7. Provide your bank account details, certified copy of trading license, company stamp
    8. Surety form
    9. Certified copy of lease agreement and property owner form
  4. Irrigation schemes will require;
    1. Show proof of full payment of quotation (receipts)
    2. Pay a deposit fee E5000
    3. Fill in the yellow connection forms
    4. Provide a copy of IDs, passport sized photos, yellow form (Form C) with electrician's certified copy of ID and qualification (grade test)
    5. Provide a list of 3 traceable references
    6. Show us your bank account details in bank letter heads or in a cancelled cheque
    7. Complete surety form
  5. Pay or confirm payment of the security deposit for supplies taken on conventional meters.

How Do I Track My Application For Connection

  • Call the local SEC Commercial Office where you submitted your application for connection form and use the reference number that begins with an alphabet Z. This is the number that comes with your quotation.

Your Obligations And Responsibilities Once You Are Connected

  • You don't connect electricity to another house or unauthorized connections without contacting SEC
  • You don't fiddle or tamper (bypass) with any SEC property e.g. meter, comms wire or prepaid meter (CIU)
  • The reporting of faults
  • Payment of bills when due
  • Load units in sequence of buying
  • Ensuring the safety of people and your appliances at all times

Vacating Premises

  1. It is in the customer's interest to make sure that termination/discontinuation of supply forms are completed when vacating premises.
  2. Failure to comply with the above makes one liable for payment of the bills which may arise out of consumption well after they have vacated premises.
  3. Given two working days notice, supply shall be switched off on the date and time requested. The final account will normally be ready within two weeks of termination of supply.

Are Business- Account Transfers Allowed If I sell My Business?

Account transfers are only allowed if the necessary accounts have been settled and there is a proof of change of ownership. We will require details of the new account holders such as their certified copies of their IDs, bank account details.

What Are The Requirements For Discontinuing A Business Account

It is in your interest to make sure that termination / discontinuation of supply forms are completed when vacating premises. Failing to complete the termination/ discontinuation of supply forms makes you liable for payment of the bills which might arise out of consumption well after you vacated the premises. To discontinue supply;
  • A signed letter in company letter heads stating the request for closure or sale of the business
  • Bring your prepaid card or bill and settle your bill
  • Given two working days notice, supply shall be switched off on the date and time requested
  • The final bill will normally be ready within two weeks of termination of supply
  • Full payment of the account

When You Can Apply For A Reconnection

  • Apply at your nearest SEC revenue office within 48 hrs. However, please do note that supply will be reconnected under certain conditions from SEC

How Do I Disconnect My Post-paid Account?

  • Bring your recent bill and fill in the disconnection form which you will get from the SEC Revenue office
  • Then settle your account and wait for two more bills resulting in a final bill

Account Termination

Every account can be terminated provided the necessary channels are followed to the latter. This can be due to financial reasons, failure to comply with SEC requirements, safety etc

Explanation of Electricity Groups

What Is A Scheme?

Schemes are the same but difference is the funding (Microprojects/ Tinkhundla/ Natural Resources/ Businessmen)
  • Formed by two or more people who will share one or more transformers
  • Preferably closely located to each other
  • With aim of sharing cost that is affordable of bringing close to their premises
  • It can fail (non payment of required amount, availability of services) but can qualify as a service

What Are Services As Opposed To A Scheme?

  • Line existing and transformer there and formed by two or more people
  • Formed by more than ten or more people who want to source funding for the purposes

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