We only recognise results that are achieved the right way.

Getting results the right way is the only way we can truly measure our success. The SEC Way communicates who we are, what we do, what we believe in and what we plan to accomplish and how we will accomplish our plans. It speaks to all our stakeholders and establishes a common departure point for all our business partners so that we fight for the same goal.


To be the major player in the energy sector development nationally and regionally.


To meet the needs of our customers in a sufficiently profitable and environmentally sound way through providing a reliable and safe power supply of acceptable quality.

VALUES (Big 4)

Our values identify us and exemplify how we conduct our business. We believe in corporate governance and are accountable for our actions. We aspire to be admired for the way we conduct our business and how we serve our customers and business partners.

Service Excellence

Our customers matter to us and they drive our business. We will always ensure that we serve our customers with efficiency with speed and dignity while ensuring that we supply them adequately with our products. This also goes for our internal customers.


We will treat one another with respect and dignity and this also goes for our customers. Every stakeholder will be treated with dignity and respect. We will also respect the environment and ensure that we have mitigating measures in place when conducting our business.

Social Responsibility

Our customers and stakeholders are part and parcel of the communities in which we conduct our business. We believe in giving back to the communities that we operate in because we operate and live within communities. The welfare of our communities is of concern to us, hence we will contribute positively.

Honesty /Integrity

We trust one another and believe in one another. We will support one another meaningfully. We will eliminate silo behaviour and complement each other's efforts during the course of our business. We do as we say and honour our promises.


Our areas of focus will set the scope and ensure that we work towards meeting our long-term goals while ensuring the long-term survival of our goals. We want to be amongst the leaders in shaping our industry within the region. We are up to the challenge.

Customer Focus

Our customers will have access to our standardized processes and systems so that our business is simplified for them. We will continue educating and informing our customers and employees on our product offerings. Our customers will have adequate access to all our product offerings.


We believe that all incidents are avoidable. We will not compromise on the safety of our environment, customers, partners and employees. We will always strive to do things safely or not at all. We are overhauling our safety systems with an aim of improving them in order to reduce incidents and accidents. We shall comply with all safety regulations in an effort to meet corporate governance and legislative requirements.


We believe in employee engagement and in effective employee wellbeing. Our employees will strive for high performance. We will also ensure that we have a conducive IR climate. Our employees are our brand ambassadors in their communities.


We will increase our generation capacity and also increase service delivery infrastructure. Our network will be optimized and we will increase our profitable market share. We will continue to explore our energy mix so as to protect our bottom line so that we have a sustainable business.


We will leverage on technology to improve our systems and processes. There will be ongoing system capacity improvement and management. Our communication systems will be improved and we shall ensure that we are well manned to handle the requirements of our business.

Financial Performance

We will improve our financial performance through installing an integrated and optimized ERP system. We shall ensure that our procurement and inventory systems are effective. We will continue addressing systems losses and protecting our revenue in an effort to ensure the sustainability of our business.

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Eluvatsini House,
Mhlambanyatsi Road,

Latitude: -26.335095397
Longitude: 31.13400936

PO Box 258
Mbabane, Swaziland

Tel: (00268) 2 409 4000

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